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IfA appoints chairs for 15 route panels, and new panel of apprentices, including Pfizer UK’s Adam Gymer

The Institute of Apprenticeship (IfA) route panels are made up of industry experts and are responsible for setting the standards of knowledge, skills and behaviours needed by employers for every occupation in England.

The panel chairs will lead their groups in reviewing and recommending apprenticeship standards and assessment plans and advising on funding levels on behalf of the institute.

IfA Board Members already include Dr Katherine Barclay, Pfizer UK lead for Academic Liaison, who is Chair of the Life Science and Industrial Sciences Apprenticeship Trailblazer.

The new panel of apprentices is made up of current or recent apprentices.  Adam Gymer, who is employed by Cogent Skills Services Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) and is an Apprentice with Pfizer UK , undertaking a Higher Apprenticeship in Pharmaceutical Science is on the panel and is set to take part in the first meeting.

The panel will decide what issues to focus on and ensure the apprentice voice is heard within the decision making structure of the institute.

The IfA opened its doors on April 1. The IFA has also launched its Operational Plan, this details of the Institute’s policies and functions and how it will:

  • regulate the quality of apprenticeship proposals, standards and assessment plans
    collaborate with partners
  • lead reforms to technical education
  • implement the new system
  • document information

IfA Operational Plan

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