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Industrial Placements for Science Students and Graduates

Our Placement Service is designed to support employers looking to host both industrial placements and shorter internships. Through three key areas; attraction, recruitment and development, Cogent Skills Services can significantly enhance your placements experience and provide you with the talented people that your business is looking for.

We work with businesses that are new to industrial placements through to experienced hosts and businesses that are looking to try a different approach.

Our simple approach…

You may receive lots of speculative enquiries about placements and internships, yet taking on a placement student or graduate can seem like one more task that you haven’t really got time for. However, there are many reasons why you should consider offering placements; with the right guidance, providing such opportunities can be very rewarding for employers.

Graduate Output Profile

All our placement students are provided with a personalised Graduate Output Profile, a working document which details a set of attributes and competencies that the student works towards attaining.  This ensures that both employer and student get the most out of their experience and gain an accredited certificate.

Benefits of Industrial Placements

  • Access highly skilled and technical members of staff without long-term commitments
  • Resource a particular project or skills needed for a fixed timescale
  • Create long term links with universities
  • Staff development opportunities through student supervision
  • Build brand awareness amongst students and universities for future recruitment
  • Invest and support the employability of the next generation of workers
  • Inject energy and enthusiasm into the company 

If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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