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Science Placements Testimonials

"The placement is still going well and I am learning a lot. Amgen is really proactive on getting us on field visits, so I have a couple of trips arranged in the next few weeks to shadow different roles in the industry."
Laura Colling
Medical Affairs Intern
Amgen Ltd
"My placement at ABPI is really great. I would say this is probably the best way to look at the pharmaceutical industry from different perspectives e.g. policy, R&D, commercial and legal. Although I have been spending most of my time working on my project, I have had opportunities to attend external meetings/events and site visits. My supervisor has also arranged 1:1 meetings for me to meet and talk to all other members in the Research, Medical and Innovation team about their job roles/experiences. I have had discussions with senior scientists and have also attended the Pharmacovigilance Expert Network group meeting yesterday, where I spoke to Pharmacovigilance managers from major pharmaceutical companies and got some really good job interview advice."
Jen Yin
Placement student
Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry
"If it was not for my placement, I would be none the wiser as to what public affairs and communications had to do with life sciences. The placement put me in a really good place, in terms of career, to progress in the field and without it I would not have been offered a position with GE Healthcare. "I am grateful for the guidance and opportunities I have been given by both my colleagues at the BIA and Cogent Placement Services."
Chandni Kerai
Placement student
"Cogent helped me get a summer placement with the ABPI through Cogent Life Sciences, before I entered my final year at university. The placement was extremely insightful and I learnt a lot about the Pharmaceutical Industry. I am thankful for the opportunities this gave me."
Mary Fitzpatrick-Greening
Summer Research Intern
Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry