Fiona Rayment

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Fiona is the Director for Fuel Cycle Solutions within the NNL, covering technology developments in advanced fuels, spent fuel management, asset care, safety, security & safeguards.  Fiona is a chartered Chemist with a BSc (Honours) and a PhD in Chemistry from University of Strathclyde.  She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and of the Nuclear Institute. She has an MBA from Manchester Business School.

Fiona has over twenty years nuclear industry experience, working primarily within technology, operations and strategic planning roles across a number of different nuclear sites both in the UK and internationally.

Fiona is the chair of the UK Nuclear Strategy Skills Group, the strategic body that oversees nuclear sector skills requirements. She chairs the Nuclear Institute Enterprises Ltd. Board and is a trustee of the Nuclear Institute. Fiona is also a member of the Fusion Advisory Board and the Office of Nuclear Regulation Advisory Board.  

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