Nuclear Skills Programme Delivery

This programme will manage, drive progress towards and oversee the delivery of skills programmes, activities and initiatives for the UK nuclear industry, to meet the Nuclear Skills Strategy set by the Nuclear Skills Strategy Group. The team reports to the Nuclear Skills Strategy Group.  The initial focus to develop detailed action plan to address the risks to the nuclear programme as a result of skills issues.

Its responsibilities include:

  1. Development of an overall Delivery Plan for the implementation of the Nuclear Skills Strategy
  2. Driving progress against the overall Delivery Plan
  3. Optimising and monitoring employer investment (in combination with public funds) in skills development, education and R&D in order to deliver the Nuclear Skills Strategy
  4. Optimising and monitoring the nuclear skills related activity of bodies and associations in the skills system
  5. Commissioning and endorsing solutions from relevant bodies as appropriate, with consideration of required funding routes
  6. Overseeing provision of skills products and services to the nuclear industry
  7. Ensuring that arrangements are put in place to assure the quality of delivery of the activities
  8. Ensuring the delivery of the annual Nuclear Workforce Assessment report
  9. To Identify, monitor and report skills Key Performance Indicators (e.g., return on investments and reduction in skill gaps) and the overall performance/effectiveness of initiatives and activities
  10. Oversee communications of achievements relative to the overall Delivery Plan


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