The Nuclear Skills Strategy Group has developed a long-term Skills Strategy for the nuclear sector, with reference to the Government’s Nuclear Industrial Strategy.

It embraces the skills challenge brought about by a new fleet of nuclear power stations, the continued decommissioning of existing facilities and safe operation of existing facilities and building a new nuclear deterrent system.

The themes in the strategy are:

Enabling Themes

  • A clearly defined and NSSG endorsed skills operating model (including refining and developing the skills operating model and supporting groups for simplicity, completeness and clarity)
  • An agreed nuclear timeline and clarity of demand requirements (this includes providing clarity of the current nuclear programmes to enable the industry to develop and deliver against a firm set of requirements)

Key strategic themes

  • Meeting the demand (including attracting and recruiting a diverse range of people into the sector and retaining them with the appropriate level of knowledge transfer in order to minimise the number of fragile skills)
  • Training infrastructure and provision (including enabling the best nuclear training provision at required regions)
  • Training standards and qualifications (including an appropriate and consistent approach across the UK)


Download the Strategy (PDF) 

Download the Summary (PDF)


Other Key Documents

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