Nuclear Skills Strategy Group – Terms of reference


The Group is the lead strategic skills forum representing the nuclear industry’s skills demands in the United Kingdom. Its purpose is to secure the required supply of suitably qualified and competent personnel for the current and future needs of the UK’s nuclear sector by providing the strategic direction on skills infrastructure, processes and training provision.


  1. Develop a long-term Skills Strategy for the nuclear sector, with reference to the Government’s Nuclear Industrial Strategy
  2. Advise and influence UK Government departments and Devolved Administrations on nuclear-related skills policies and interventions
  3. Oversee the development and maintenance of skills-related standards for the industry, aligned to international standards set by the World Association of Nuclear Operators & the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations
  4. Review performance and effectiveness of the agreed implementation activities
  5. Direct skills solutions from relevant bodies as appropriate
  6. Commission sectoral Labour Market Intelligence and analysis, and the development of a national nuclear calendar
  7. Encourage collaboration and learning within the sector and the adoption of best practice in developing the workforce
  8. Secure commitment for employer investment (in combination with public funds) in skills development, education and R&D
  9. Provide leadership, direction, focus and priorities to bodies and associations in the skills system
  10. Ensure the capability and capacity of the skills delivery system is meeting the needs of the industry, including schools, colleges, universities and other training providers

Key Deliverables/Outputs

  1. Nuclear Skills Strategy document
  2. Nuclear timeline / calendar
  3. Skills Investment Report
  4. Skill solution definitions / requirements
  5. Policy review reports and recommendations
  6. Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  7. Reports to Nuclear Industry Council as necessary
  8. Communication Strategy


The Group will report to the Nuclear Industry Council, taking responsibility for its Skills Workstream.

The Group may decide to create other sub-groups as necessary.

The Group will be facilitated by Cogent Skills who will provide strategic support services.


The Group will be chaired by a senior executive from a nuclear industry employer. The chair will be elected by the Group from among its membership for a two-year period.


The Group’s membership will comprise major employers in the civil and defence segments of the UK nuclear industry including power generation, new nuclear build, defence, decommissioning, waste management, research & development. The membership selected are those organisations who are currently responsible for the major expenditure and timescales that define the sector skills requirements, so they provide the industry insight into the current and future skill demands and priorities.


Generation/Operators EDF Energy
Defence Ministry of Defence, Royal Navy
Research & Development National Nuclear Laboratory
Legacy, Decommissioning, Waste Nuclear Decommissioning Authority
Government UK Government departments: BEIS, DfE, Welsh Government
Supply Chain Chair of NSAN Advisory Board
Regulation Office for Nuclear Regulation
Unions TUC
New Build NuGen
Horizon Nuclear Power
EDF Energy NNB (already covered above)

Other Government departments (UK and Devolved Administrations) will be invited as observers as appropriate.

Each organisation will determine its own individual representative. Individuals nominated will have a good understanding of skills-related issues and have sufficient seniority and authority to make decisions related to their own organisation’s skills strategy and the infrastructure requirements at a national level.

The Group may invite other members to join on a temporary or permanent basis.


Meetings will be held quarterly, with additional meetings as appropriate.

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