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Does your organisation have a process safety culture?

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A proactive safety culture, which is inclusive of all employees, fosters an environment where everybody feels responsible for safety. This is evident when employees seek improvements, remain aware of hazards on site and utilise systems and tools for continuous identification, monitoring, analysis, and investigation.

A safety culture reflects an organisation’s perceptions and beliefs regarding process safety and ‘the way things are done around here’ and therefore has the potential to strongly influence an employee’s behaviour. By focusing on your safety climate, and a tiered approach to training your employees, you will, in time, foster a positive process safety culture.

Of course, safety culture is a by-product of your overall corporate culture and is in large part shaped by the organisation’s senior management team behaviours, attitudes and beliefs of the senior management team.

Whilst establishing a process safety culture will undoubtedly provide a great level of protection in managing hazards, monitoring its effectiveness is crucial.

We have over ten years’ experience in supporting organisations to establish their process safety culture. Without question, the organisations who do it well apply a top-down approach.

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Cogent Skills provides a suite of process safety, leadership and technical training courses tailored to the needs of employers, which are underpinned by national training standards.

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