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How can you increase the impact of your training with the available budget?

The first thing to think about is value, and where does value in training come from? One way would be to work with training providers who are constantly evolving and keeping up-to-date with new methods.  This will ensure that the training you are receiving is suitable to today’s skills challenges. 

But there are other ways you can maximise your training budget:

Identify training needs

If you training budget is a finite resource we would recommend the business spends time of identifying and agreeing training needs properly. Undertaking a Organisational Needs Analysis brings focus to your plans and is imperative to maximise your training budget.

Get buy in

In order to invest in training senior executives will want to see an estimated return on investment. If you need help to make the business case, consider the use of case studies as evidence of business improvements. Or ask a skills specialist to help you make the business case.

Consider forms of blended learning

With advances in technology and more options available including elearning, can you get more from your budget? Technology used in combination with a trainer can make far more effective training.

Always check results

After completing the training it is important to evaluate the return on investment. Our advice would be to undertake a benchmarking exercise while undertaking the Organisational Needs Analysis. This will help to show how you have improved your performance.

For more advice on how to maximise your training budget speak to our of our skills experts on 0845 607 0140, or contact us to book a free Organisational Needs Analysis.

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