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PM delivers a speech on the vital role of AI in Life Sciences

Today the PM delivered a speech on the vital role AI can have in diagnosing chronic diseases, stating the NHS, the AI sector and health charities had the opportunity to use data and AI to drastically improve current diagnosis capabilities to prevent 22,000 cancer deaths each year by 2033.

She stated that UK global leadership in science and innovation is one of this country’s greatest assets.

“As part of the AI and Data Grand Challenge, the United Kingdom will use data, artificial intelligence and innovation to transform the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and dementia by 2030.”

“... the development of smart technologies to analyse great quantities of data quickly and with a higher degree of accuracy than is possible by human beings opens up a whole new field of medical research and gives us a new weapon in our armoury in the fight against disease.

“In cancer, our ambition is that within 15 years we will be able to diagnose at a much earlier stage the lung, bowel, prostate or ovarian cancer of at least 50,000 more people a year. Combined with the great treatment and care provided by our NHS, that will mean every year 22,000 fewer people will die within five years of their diagnosis compared to today.”

Full speech

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