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How can better Process Safety help the Water & Waste industry? Firstly let’s look at current challenges facing the sector:

The delivery of fresh water and treatment of our waste water is one of the most important and fundamental services that we all take for granted. With population & household growth increasing, and potentially over 5 million more households in the next 20 years, the pressure on the Water industry will only increase, as will the necessary requirements to invest further in an already stretched infrastructure. With many ageing assets, significant investment is being made in the infrastructure, but more is needed to maintain efficiencies and avoid asset-downtime, to improve on, or even just continue to deliver the same levels of service we have all come to expect.

However population increase is not the only challenge facing the sector.  Climate change is also adding to the pressures on resources and manpower, as a result of extreme and unpredictable weather conditions, most notably severe rainfall. These challenges are building momentum for increased investment to maintain resilient services..

And then there is the environment, what’s the impact of unexpected and uncontrolled loss of containment.  There were 1,879 incidents in 2016 (source Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales; England and Wales, Jan 2016- Dec 2016)  How does that fit with the sector moving towards a more transparent outward facing culture, building trust with its with its consumers and the industry’s regulators?

So with a plethora of challenges ahead, how does Process Safety fit in, what’s its role and how can it help?

Process Safety naturally leads to safer working environments, in terms of employees, customers and the natural environment. Building and maintaining a strong process safety culture in today’s workforce, can contribute significantly to a measurable reduction in ‘incidents’. This for example could be a reduction in loss of sewage or chemical containment, avoiding fines and reputational damage; improve resilience from over stretched assets; reduce down time; minimise the potential for serious injuries or fatalities as a result of a catastrophic incident, and so the list goes on.

One thing for sure, Process Safety is as important to this sector as it is for other major hazard industries, with challenges aplenty and risks across the infrastructure and the whole delivery of a vital public service, we must start looking at how we establish and embed a process safety culture within the Water industry.

Cogent Skills has delivered Process Safety training and awareness to over 9,000 professionals across a range of industries, including Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Energy & Utilities, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Food Manufacturing and Water.  The approach and results are transferable across industries. The delivery of a ‘Process Safety’ culture drives resilience within the industry and embeds a safety culture throughout. So whether you need to deliver Process Safety awareness as a senior level, or are concerned you’re geographically dispersed operatives aren’t fully compliant, Cogent Skills can deliver training to a standard set and agreed by the PSM Competence Programme Board, giving you peace of mind and assurances.

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