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Work For Us

As the strategic skills body for the science industries, Cogent has the task of helping to develop the skills base of the pharmaceuticals, life sciences, biotechnology, chemical, nuclear, petroleum and polymer industries.

We are committed to ensuring a flow of highly skilled and competent employees, making the very best contribution they can, to the successful science-using industries we all depend on for the quality of life we enjoy.

We want to recruit talented people who can support us in making a difference to the employers we represent.

Please complete the template application form and send with an accompanying cover letter to human.resources@cogentskills.com

Assessment Development Manager – SIAS

This role will support SIAS in its mission to be the end point assessment organisation of choice for
science and engineering apprenticeships and a trusted partner for science industry companies.
Specifically responsible for scoping, designing and developing apprenticeship End Point
Assessments through interpreting the assessment plan associated with apprenticeship standards
predominantly for the science and engineering industries. Along with scoping and collaboratively
designing support materials related to the apprenticeship end point assessment process to support
employers and providers with apprenticeship training.

Assessment Development Manager – Job Description
Assessment Development Manager – Job Vacancy

Closing date: 22nd July 2021

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