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Apprenticeship Standards – Cogent Skills

Apprenticeship Standards

Life Science and Chemical Science Standards

Cogent Skills facilitates the development of new apprenticeship standards to support the science based sector’s skills agenda, via the Life Science and Industrial Science Trailblazer Group which is facilitated by the Science Industry Partnership.

The SIP is facilitating and supporting the development of new apprenticeship Standards to underpin the skills agenda of SIP Membership companies. The SIP also tracks and monitors the development and progress of other science, health or engineering standards led by other Trailblazer Groups and these may also be of interest to SIP members.

Nuclear Standards

Cogent Skills facilitates the Standards Advisory Group which directs the development of and approves nuclear industry training standards. The Group reports to the Nuclear Skills Strategy Group. Responsibilities include determining skills and training standards needed for the nuclear sector, reviewing existing standards on the Nuclear Industry Training Framework, producing a strategic map of skills standards required across the industry and commissioning new skills standards.

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Nuclear Skills Strategy Group (NSSG)

The NSSG is the UK’s industry-led strategic skills group, comprising employers, government and trade unions, representing both civil and defence.

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Science Industry Partnership (SIP)

The SIP is the UK’s leading membership network of science industry employers influencing and developing the skills needed for the sector.

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