A Career in Science IAG Support Materials

Cogent Skills has years of experience in developing high quality IAG support materials. We work with our industry partners to ensure that we make relevant and informative materials for young people and their influencers (parents, teachers, careers advisers) that are built on real world content. In this project we will develop tailored IAG materials for Cheshire and Warrington to outline science achievements and opportunities in the area. 

We are developing;

Teachers Resources – a set of lesson plans and supporting material, linked to the science curriculum to enable teachers to deliver real world context activities to their classes. The resources will cover content from the Cogent Skills footprint (Science & Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Manufacturing, Engineering and Energy). We will ensure that there are versions of the materials to suit pupils between the ages of 11 and 18 and will include take home key messages and activities to ensure that parents are also engaged with these resources.

Case Studies (5) – We are developing 5 case studies with ambassadors in the Cheshire and Warrington area, showcasing a breadth of different careers and routes into careers available locally. This will include things such as route to their careers, a day in the life, qualifications and skills required, careers progression, proudest achievements and advice from the ambassadors.

Talking Heads Videos (3) – to ensure we are appealing to our different target audiences we will also develop 3 videos of ambassadors working in Cheshire and Warrington to appeal to those people who prefer visual to written information.  They will cover similar themes to the case studies.

Online toolkit - This will house all of the materials outlined above and our existing IAG information. It will have sections for young people, parents & guardians, teachers and employers.  This will become a one stop shop where people can find out about careers in the science industries. It will also be linked to our online Ambassador portal on Cogent Learn so that SIP Ambassadors can easily access the materials for use at events and can signpost people to the materials.

Marketing - We will develop marketing materials to promote the new IAG materials to all schools in Cheshire & Warrington. This will be a mixture of online and hard copy materials.


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