Work Experience Toolkit

Cogent Skills, with support of the Medicines manufacturing Industrial Partnership have developed a work experience toolkit for employers that are looking to take on young people, particularly in the form of Apprenticeships and Industrial Placements. The toolkit provides a structure to allow the young person to receive maximum benefit from their time with the employer.

The toolkit supports companies to help young people gain as much practical experience as possible and includes information on how to plan a placement, recruit participants and set meaningful objectives.

Why is work experience important for employers?

29% of employers say that work experience is critical when recruiting young people and a further 45% say it is significant. Over half of all employers who offer work experience say it is because "it provides the experience young people need."

Work experience is not only important to increase young people's employability but is also extremely beneficial for employers. Work experience introduces young people to the range of roles available in science. This will encourage more people to study STEM subjects and stay in the industry, helping to address the STEM skills shortage.


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