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Leadership & Management Courses for the Process Industries

Leadership and Management Courses

These one and two day courses will help your employees to build the key skills required to effectively lead others. Specifically developed for the process industries, and suitable for front line supervisors, existing staff identified for a supervisory promotion and graduates. This course helps to minimise skills gaps, increase the competency, effectiveness and motivation of new supervisors operating with the process industries.

Course Titles for Supervisors

Key Benefits

  • Process Industries Specific - The course provides a peer-to-peer learning environment, helping delegates benefit from industry relevant discussions, contextualising their learning experience.
  • Flexible Delivery - Courses run throughout the year at locations across the UK, so you can pick the best dates to suit your business needs. Alternatively we can deliver the course in-house.
  • Inspirational Training Techniques - Our delivery partners provide high impact, inspirational training for your new supervisors, whilst challenging the delegates to take ownership of their learning, all delivered within a highly motivational environment.
  • Gold Standard Content – Content is designed by industry, for industry, allowing your workforce to follow industry standard best practice.

"The Stepping up to Become a Supervisor course will definitely help me to become a better Supervisor. The techniques provided can help people with confidence issues and how to deal with difficult situations." Stephen McGregor, Supervisor, Banner Chemicals.

Programme Content

Preparing to Supervise - what will it be like? How do I behave and what do I do to create respect and enthusiasm to deliver with my team?  What will change moving from being a team member to a team Supervisor?

  • Listening to understand and asking good questions
  • The danger of assumptions
  • The basics of Diversity and Inclusiveness
  • Leading by example
  • Setting tasks and targets
  • Providing recognition

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module, participants will be able to:

  • Determine your own personal leadership characteristics. Be accountable and take responsibility for you and your teams actions
  • Acknowledge your role as a supervisor. Have a plan for your own personal development and regularly review it with your line manager
  • Use advocacy and enquiry skills effectively to understand people position and flush out the left hand column when needed. Know how to listen and respond effectively
  • Be aware of the danger of assumptions and know how to check them before acting
  • Define the terms Diversity and Inclusiveness. Identify above and below the waterline characteristics and the challenges they can present
  • Understand how to embrace diversity and create an inclusive team environment
  • Understand the difference between leadership and management and know the key behaviours to use to lead by example
  • Know how to recognise and reward performance, be aware of individuals differing needs for recognition and reward
  • Understand how to adapt your leadership style depending on the level of skill and motivation of your team members
  • Create SMART tasks and targets for your team members to ensure your business objectives and targets are delivered
  • Agree individual development targets for each individual taking into account their current position and the needs of the business - agree review dates

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