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Process Safety Management Courses

Cogent Skills process safety training provides delegates with a structure to identify potential hazards and provides guidance on how to implement an effective process safety programme for operators through to senior executives and board members, in doing so, helping companies to establish a proactive process safety culture.

Cogent Skills Courses

The three process safety courses (PSL, PSMF and PSMO) which have been developed around national training standards content, are approved by the UK Process Safety Management Project Board, and have been described as ‘best in class’.

Other courses include:

Each of the PSM courses are relevant to COMAH and non COMAH sites, where operators are handling or processing potentially hazardous materials, and could be exposed and vulnerable to explosion, loss of containment or other major accident hazards which may pose a threat to the environment or general public.

Understanding COMAH: The Performance and Recognition Framework

COMAH Site duty holders receive an annual planned intervention review by the CA, where they are scored against the delivery guide regarding improvement for Process Safety Management, focussing on agreed priorities, performance indicators and demonstration. The PSM courses can help guide you to achieve these good performance indicators.

The Competent Authority Delivery Guide "Understanding COMAH: The Performance and Recognition Framework" identify the Cogent Skills Process Safety Management courses as examples of good practice in addressing the PSL Principles of Process Safety Leadership (page 11, section 54d).

A more detailed explanation of how this approach may support COMAH Operators  in the reduction in scope or depth of inspection can be found on page three of "Example of Operator activities in scope of the Framework".

Each of our courses looks at senior executives and board members (PSL), managerial, technical and safety personnel (PSM) and operational staff (PSMO) and identifies their specific roles and responsibilities in the business and the role they play in ensuring the safety of the plant. 

Why undertake your process safety training with us?

  • Our courses are the only training to be underpinned by national standards approved by the Expert Panel within the UK Process Safety Project Management Board (which includes the HSE)
  • Our courses are recognised by the HSE within their new "Understanding COMAH: The Performance and Recognition Framework"
  • Designed by Industry for Industry, the training has specifically been developed to encourage a long-term view through the development of action plans
  • You can evidence our PSM courses to demonstrate to the competent authority your commitment to improving the level of process safety understanding in your business
  • Learn from industry best practice and real life case studies
  • Develop the tools and knowledge to implement a process safety culture through the business.
  • Delivered by our highly experienced and rigorously assessed assured training providers.

If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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