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Process Safety Management Foundations

Process Safety Management Foundations (PSMF) course is for managers, supervisors, designers, safety personnel, operational and senior contract employees to develop a detailed understanding of their role in delivering effective process safety management.PSMF provides the fundamental knowledge and understanding of the principles of process safety management across the entire organisation. All employees working with highly hazardous chemicals need to understand the safety, health and environmental hazardous associated with their working environment.

PSM Standards – building and maintaining a safety culture to avoid major accidents

"This PSM course will make me re-look at things undertaken by the maintenance department." Graham Haworth, Maintenance Manager.

"The PSMF trainers were effective as they proved their credibility having worked in top tier industries for many years at various levels." Operations Manager, Gas Storage Company, London.

Programme Content

  • Outlining the importance of process safety management
  • Describing the types and properties of hazardous substances (including; classification, reaction hazards, toxic, fire, explosion and environmental hazards)
  • Outlining the legislative requirements with regard to effective emergency response (e.g. COMAH)
  • Explaining the various quantitative and qualitative risk assessment techniques (including occupied buildings risk assessments)
  • Defining what is meant by the terms ‘safety critical equipment’ and ‘key risk control systems’ including:
    • Plant (e.g. hard wired trips, pressure relief etc.)
    • Process (management of change, permit to work, safety critical procedures etc.)
    • People (e.g. competency, accountability, supervision, human factors, etc.)
  • Providing an outline of relevant major accidents and investigation reports
  • Explaining how to develop and utilise leading and lagging process safety performance indicators

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course, participants will be able to understand:

  • The importance and key principles of process safety management
  • How to identify hazards associated with hazardous substances and process plan
  • How to assess the risks associated with hazardous substances and process plant
  • The importance of identifying suitable safety critical equipment, implementing key risk control systems and the importance of sustaining their effectiveness
  • The need for effective measures to limit the consequences of a major accident
  • How to apply learning from incidents and near misses
  • How to achieve continual improvement in process safety performance
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