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Gold Standards – Cogent Skills

Gold Standards

In partnership with the science industries, Cogent Skills has established a skills benchmark for best practice, the Cogent Gold Standard framework. This skills benchmark has been designed by industry. It details the skills required to do, and perform an industry job role and provides a sound basis for workforce development.

The Gold Standard role profiles, developed by Cogent Skills over the past decade, focus on skills in four areas – technical, business improvement, compliance and functional/behavioural skills – and allow companies to benchmark themselves against what industry considers to be best practice today. Over 50 industry Gold Standards are available across the science industries.

By adopting the Gold Standard Framework, employers can be confident that their skills have been benchmarked to a national, industry-led standard.

Companies using the Gold Standard framework have highlighted significant improvements in raising the skills level through real added value training focused on identified skills gaps. The return on training investment has been improved and quantified through case studies.

Gold Standard Journey

The Gold Standard is a continuous journey of improvement for employers and employees alike.

The Gold Standard sets out the competencies and the corresponding qualifications or training to provide the essential skills to undertake a variety of job roles. It provides a route for individuals to fulfil their potential. For example:

For a Process Operator: the Gold Standard quickly identifies the key technical competencies required to operate the process and provides a structured training programme to develop the required skills.

For a First Line Supervisor: the modular training courses provides a newly promoted member of staff with the core skills to confidently take on a challenging new set of responsibilities such as delegation and workforce planning.

For Graduates: the Industry Professional Gold Standard defines operational competence at a professional level providing clear CPD for new entrants.

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