Apprenticeship Levy Management Service

Driven by their productivity agenda, the government is committed to achieving three million apprenticeship starts by summer 2020.

To achieve this the government introduced an Apprenticeship levy in April 2017 – a fundamental change to the way apprenticeships in England are funded. Employers from both the public and private sectors, with a paybill of more than £3 million, will have to pay a 0.5 per cent levy to fund apprenticeships. Levy paying employers will be then able to reclaim their contribution via a digital voucher; this voucher can then be used to “pay” for Apprenticeship training and assessment. 

How can Cogent Skills Services help?

Since the announcement of the Apprenticeship Levy we have been working with a large number of employers who have been tasked to consider their organisations’ strategy for Apprenticeships.
Through our Apprenticeship Levy Management Service we can help you to plan your organisational strategy for apprenticeships, highlighting the opportunities for talent management and succession planning.
We can work with you in utilising the levy for new recruits and existing employees, through apprenticeships.
Features of the Apprenticeship Levy Management Service:
We look at your organisation’s skills needs and help you understand the full range of learning opportunities to create apprenticeships. This includes:

  • An assessment of your current vacancies
  • The training requirements you have for existing employees
  • Your future recruitment plans

If you would like to understand how the levy will affect you, and how you can start to planning for this change to really benefit your workforce, contact us to arrange a chat. 


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