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Expectations at work

The workplace in science-based industries is very different from the academic environment.  Understanding more about what will be expected and how industry ‘works’ will help you to make a successful start in your placement or employment.

You should seek any opportunities during your degree course to spend time, however short, in science-based workplaces and talk to people working in the industry in different roles about what they do and what it is like. Look for opportunities to:

  • Meet industry scientists when they visit your institution for guest lectures or careers events.
  • Shadow scientists at work if you can’t obtain longer periods of experience.
  • Attend conferences and events in areas of science that interest you and network with industry representatives.
  • Get involved in any collaborative research projects in your institution, perhaps through making contact with postgraduate students in your department.
  • Talk to academic staff who have worked in industry about their experiences.
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