Process Safety Management Competence Programme Board

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The PSM Competence Programme Board chaired and led by Richard Roff, Costain Group PLC is made up of senior industry representatives and stakeholders from trade associations, professional bodies and the Health & Safety Executive.

It is supported by an Expert Panel which includes process safety subject matter experts from industry, regulators, trade unions, specialist stakeholder bodies and training organisations.

The board’s aim is to ensure safety throughout high hazard industries through raising awareness of Process Safety Management, providing regulation on training solutions and courses to improve process safety knowledge and understanding.

Intro to Richard Roff
Welcome to the home page of the PSM competence programme. The programme was conceived in support of industry’s need to understand and manage major incident risks with the programme Board publishing the first UK Strategy for Competence in PSM in 2012 with an update in 2015.

Our aim is to provide a framework of competence standards and training materials in the subject of process safety management for all organisational levels, ultimately towards the end of reducing loss from incidents.

Within the site you will find resources and links associated with the programme and the work of the Board including the strategy, the training programmes available and other information.
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