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Quality Assured Providers

The SIP Board, comprised of employers large and small across the science industries, had a vision to ensure high quality provision, and has mandated that Cogent Skills performs quality assurance of training providers (excluding training providers delivering apprenticeships) in the scheme, so they become SIP endorsed. This supports the ambition to establish a Quality Assured Provider Network for employers that gives additional assurance to employers that training procured is fit for purpose and delivers a quality product.

There is a modular approach to the quality assurance process which assesses the suitability of the training to the specific training programmes. The process is designed to ensure high-quality delivery and supports employers in their selection of provision.

The assurance process is based on the quality of the provider in relation to their ability to deliver a quality product and includes feedback from employers and other relevant stakeholders as well as ongoing assessment outcomes, resources and staffing.

Checks include:

  • Relevant science industry experience
  • Trainer’s credentials
  • Appropriate policies are in place for example insurance and health and safety
  • Financially sound organisation
  • Employer references
  • Process is in place to ensure that the training will meet the needs of the employer

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