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Skills Strategy – Cogent Skills

Skills Strategy

Cogent Skills conducts research to improve understanding of the skills is needs of science employers. We generate labour market intelligence, skills intelligence, skills foresighting and econometric data on behalf of the Science Industry Partnership (SIP) and the Nuclear Skills Strategy Group (NSSG).

SIP Strategy

As part of the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy and Sector Deal, the Science Industry Partnership (SIP) has been commissioned to deliver a skills strategy report for the Life Sciences sector. Cogent Skills will facilitate the production of this report, which will underpin the skills needs of the industry through to 2030. The Life Sciences 2030 Skills Strategy will be an employer-led piece of work produced by the  SIP Futures Group.

NSSG Strategy

The Nuclear Skills Strategy Group has developed a long-term strategic plan for the nuclear sector. The NSSG has also developed the Nuclear Workforce Assessment Model to generate LMI for the needs of a changing nuclear industry, including the operation of existing plants, decommissioning those no longer generating power, the construction and operation of the new fleet of plants, the manufacturing and service supply chains, and regulators. This work is facilitated by Cogent Skills.