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Chemistry Council Sector Deal Proposal – Cogent Skills

Chemistry Council Sector Deal Proposal

The Proposed Sector Deal recognises the importance of innovation and ensuring the value created by innovation is realised in the UK through inward investment in manufacturing and new jobs. People/Skills is a component of the Deal:

Government to:

  • Establish a technical education system that rivals the best in the world to stand alongside our world-class higher education system.
  • Invest an additional £406M in maths, digital and technical education, helping to address the shortage of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) skills.
  • Create a new National Retraining Scheme that supports people to re-skill, beginning with a £64M investment for digital and construction training.

Industry to:

Engage with wider society and school children, in particular, to promote the industry through programmes such as Children Challenging Industry and the Catalyst Science Discovery Centre.

  • Focus on training and developing STEM entrepreneurs of the future by scaling SCI’s Bright SCIdea Entrepreneurs Challenge Programme.
  • Ensure the sector has a strong pipeline of STEM graduates required to deliver its strategy.
  • Work with Government and other organisations, such as Cogent and CIA, to continue to build the pipeline of apprentices for the sector.

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