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State of the Nation 2019 Report – Cogent Skills

State of the Nation 2019 Report

State of the Nation 2019 Report

State of the Nation 2019 report from the Careers & Enterprise Company was released this week. The reports represents the most comprenhensive evaluation of careers education in England.

The main message is an emphasis that Careers Education is improving everywhere  and disadvantaged areas are among the highest performing in the country.

Progress can be seen across the country. At least 2 million young people are now receiving an encounter with an employer every year.

The SIP Ambassador programme supports schools in meeting Gatsby Benchmark 5 by training companies in science based industries to deliver meaningful encounters to young people.

If your company is interested in supporting young people, local schools & colleges, upskilling their current workforce and attracting new talent, contact our SIP Careers Manager, Helen Cattell via email: helen.cattell@cogentskills.com

Read the full State of the Nation 2019 report here.