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Take the UK Chemical Industry Skills Survey – Cogent Skills

Take the UK Chemical Industry Skills Survey

This timely ‘UK Chemical Industry Skills Survey’ serves to provide an invaluable ‘current’ measure of the sector’s readiness to meet tomorrow’s demanding business and operational skills requirements, in response to an evolving processing landscape characterised by:

  • Impact of changes in materials and process technology
  • Increased digitalisation/networking of plant, processes & workforce
  • Challenges of Cyber Attack on critical facilities
  • Energy transition, meeting new targets for energy efficiency & process intensification
  • Challenges of Net Zero & Climate Change evolving mandates
  • Ever stricter evolving environmental performance goals
  • Evolving ‘regulatory landscape’ in sector competence ….. and more

The results of the survey will be discussed as part of the Cogent Skills Panel Sessions at the Chem UK Conference.

Complete the survey