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Careers – Cogent Skills


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are hugely important areas of study. People with STEM qualifications are in high demand from employers. By achieving good grades at GCSE and A Level in STEM subjects individuals put themselves in a strong position in the jobs market.

Career pathways Science-based industries

The Science career pathways navigator has been designed with employers to introduce the huge range of jobs and career opportunities available in the science-based industries. There are great careers on offer working for companies at the leading edge of discovery, development and new technology.

Science Career Navigator

Career pathways Nuclear Industry

The Nuclear Skills Strategy Group has launched a new online Nuclear Career Pathways platform integrated within the new NSSG website.

This provides generic career pathways to support mobility across and into the sector. It is aimed at both young entrants, those coming in from other sectors, and employees considering career options. It also provides for the planning of careers pathways to reach specific job roles.